It was a great weekend despite the accident!

Friday was spent on recovery but saturday was salvaged and we managed to do some great rail riding in the snow. Only 6" of the white stuff and it provided some good traction believe it or not. The weather was nasty on the trip up on Thursday with plenty of snow through Northern Lower MI but once in Canada we were met with pleasant temps with no wind!

We were also lucky we had a couple of Fireman with us as they provided the truck with the light bar to block the road above where Jim dropped off the edge. We were on the downhill side and there was no seeing us as oncoming traffic approached. And approach it did as you can see from the pic with the four fully loaded log haulers waiting for us to clean up the carnage.

some of these pics are from the rest of the weekend, and the little blueberry's are so cute arent they?
We stayed at Blueberry Hill campground, Heyden Ont.