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Thread: Glad to own a 4x4 again!

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    Default Glad to own a 4x4 again!

    Hello to all you 4x4 fanatics out there! I recently joined GLFWDA and look forward learning more about the organization and getting involved not only with events but also standing up for our off road rights.

    Purchased a '94 Ford 4x4 extended cab pickup a month or so ago for light four wheeling and generally getting back into the sport again. Wont do too much modification as it has 192000 and getting some rust, but the 5.8 liter engine is still running strong.

    Previous 4x4s include a '74 Chevy Blazer, Jeep J4000 Pickup ('73?), '87 Toyota Pickup, '91 Dodge Dakota Pickup.

    What are the rest of you guys out there driving?

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    Read for yourself
    Doug - KD8EDH

    2000 WJ Grand Laredo V8 QD UC, trail rated & Doug tested
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    Hope to see you on the trail soon.

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    Why did you sell the Toyota??!!
    93 FZJ 80 Locked!!

    Chainsaws don't kill trees, I DO!!

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    Hello David, Welcome Aboard!
    Jarhead (Bob)
    Past President GLFWDA
    Former Membership Secretary
    Former Landuse Committee Chair

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    GREAT to see a fellow Muskegon County resident!
    I'm in Fruitport now. Grew up in Whitehall.
    Maybe I'll see you in 'da woods some time.

    Pat Brower

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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    Welcome aboard I'm from Muskegon originally, but have a house and family currently in Ypsilanti, MI while I'm working out in Connecticut. I get to Muskegon a couple times a year for holidays though since a lot of my family is still there.
    98 TJ 4.0/5spd, D30 w/Aussie, D44 welded, 3.5" RE Superflex, 1.25" body lift, rear corner crushers with sunken LED taillights, flat fendered front, OBA, sitting on 33s.

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    Howdy! Welcome to the forum!

    I drive a modified '97 Jeep TJ, with a matching off-road trailer.

    President - Troll Four Wheelers
    Vice President -
    I'm Still Out There - I Haven't Gone Away!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarhead View Post
    Hello David, Welcome Aboard!
    Thanks. I just realized I didnt officially join when I signed up back in July. Anyway, paid my membership dues and now it's official.

    I believe since you are GLFWDA president you know your stuff about the state of Michigan off roading, issues off roaders are facing etc.

    I want to start getting involved with supporting the organization as well as the rights of off roaders and would appreciate some guidance.

    I am sure there are land-access battles going on as well as other long-term threats to off road access (I think it is called the Wilderness Act - don't think it currently affects Michigan but I would guess it is only a matter of time if this keeps building momentum).

    I am somewhat familiar with the Michigan DNR website and where to find information on trail maps (ORV/ATV), legal riding areas, the quarterly public meetings in Lansing etc as I temporarily owned an ATV. I started digging into this website as I wanted to better understand issues facing ATV use in Michigan. This is where I learned of GLFWDA as seeing the organization name in the list of attendees at the quarterly meetings.

    Long story short I sold the ATV and bought a 4x4 truck so I could legally ride on forest trails and bring my daughter and wife along for the fun. I live on the southern edge of the Manistee National Forest in Twin Lake and there are forest roads all around here to drive and enjoy. (Though I am learning many are not legal forest roads so I am trying to stay on the legal ones, which is not always easy to determine; note: I read the story about the Cedar Creek off road run in with DNR and was wondering how expensive were the tickets for the Manistee families? I 'donated' $143 to them and Muskegon county for operating my atv on the side of the road...)

    I understand there is a MVUM for my area of due out in the next few months and I look forward to obtaining it so I can better understand what roads I can legally ride. I did purchase a map of ORV trails for Michigan for about $20 and though it is helpful, I dont think it is entirely accurate in detailing what roads have legal.

    My biggest concern is becoming 'a repeat offender' and receive a second ticket from the DNR by my mistakenly riding on a trail that is not legal. I am sure the MVUM will help better define this, but who knows when it will actually be released and how accurate it will be.

    Basically, as I mentioned earlier in this correspondence, I want to get involved in GLFWDA and help pro-actively support the rights of off roaders as well as enjoy off roading with other families. I truly love being out in the forests in this great state and want to ensure others can do the same for generations to come.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide.


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    Hey Dave, Welcome to GLFWDA. As soon as they get you set up on the forum as a member, you'll have access to the members only Land Use section. There you will find out a lot more about what's going on and what can be done in Michigan to stop closure of our public lands.

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