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I have a customer in Minnesota who's family owns a tree farm. I don't know any of the mumbo jumbo but he was showing us a couple cross sections of trees that were the same type. Both were about 4" in diameter. One had growth rings that were close together as you would naturally suspect and the tree was something like 15 years old. The other "farmed" tree had growth rings far apart and was something like 4 or 5 years old. The point is that they have been able to produce a tree that grows 3 or so times faster than naturally.

We asked about the strength of the tree since the growth rings were so far apart. He claimed it to be just as strong.
Should be fine for a 2x4 - but usually tighter growth rings make a glued-up hardwood panel a lot more stable and less prone to cupping. Makes a big difference when you are making a cabinet or table top. That's why even the higher-end furniture manufacturers are using man-made panels with veneers, only using solid wood for the edging.