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Thread: Over-zealous DNR officer?

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    There are a few of us that have spoken with the folks involved and we will be doing whatever we can to assist them as they prepare to goto court. Yes, they intend to have their day in court and we will be there with them.
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    Appreciate the help guys, I didn't get the ticket but was out there and one of the ones that knew the area and feel partly responsible so helping them myself to win this as these trails I've rode since I was a kid.

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    Del is over on the coast sight seeing.

    I can call him if needed.
    We have emailed about this subject.

    I can send what I got today from Randii, who was at the hearing about the ticket on the Rubicon.

    This is from Randy Burleson about the ticket hearing.

    We provided detailed maps of the area, but in the end, it wound up being USFS’ word vs. the driver’s word, and we were at an impasse, until the judge elected to trust Dave’s girlfriend. USFS has said that he was parked/camped way down by the lake, and Jamie said that they walked up to the trail, walked down to the lake, and then walked back to camp, all in well under five minutes.

    We presented professionally, but in the end, what swung the Judge’s opinion, IMHO, was that a cute blonde girl without much stake in the proceedings made an offhand comment that put context around the length of the walk, and thus, the shortness of the distance they were parked/camped from the main trail, and without strong evidence either way, the judge went with his gut.

    It ain’t sexy, and doesn’t help much with case law, but in the end, a win is a win.

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    Actually, I understand the Judge's reasoning.

    I don't think we need to bother Del with this quite yet.
    Let's see what Carla has to offer when she gets back to the office.
    We'd spoken about the possibility of this very thing happening a couple of times during our Forest Plan Appeal and MVUM discussions. I think it might actually help her with the Washington NFS Folks because she can hold it up and say "See, told you this would happen."

    THANKS for your help!
    Pat Brower

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    You may want to correct the thread title. It was a USFS agent and not a DNR CO that wrote the ticekt if I understand right.
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