So anyone else out there going?
Were you able to get pre-registered for activities?
If not, what do you think will happen when we get there?

The registration materials were scheduled to be sent out in mid-April, instead they were not sent until mid-May. We were at the Jeep Jamboree in Kentucky the week they were sent out. By the time we got back to Ohio and I went on-line to pre-register, all events were full and we were put on a waiting list. Now they tell us they are NOT going to schedule any additional pre-registration times and we should just show up and we should be able to register on-site. Some "Jeep family/customer friendly" answer that is, and what if they don't? Seems like the potential for a long boring ride and crowded visit to stand in line a do NOTHING (not to mention the $$$ spent in advance registration, lodging and gas).

Thanks for the vent time ... I hope something improves ... just wondering if there were others in the same situation.

See ya on the trails ... some day ... some where, ---Doug