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Thread: Best Mud Racing Event of the Summer!!!!

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    The Annual Boyne Falls Polish Festival Mud Run - Sunday, August 8th at 1pm

    This is not your average Mud Bog or Mud Drag. It is a unique Mud Course Complete with a Sweeping Right Hand Turn, a small hill and a long straight pit. It's a must see!

    Jeep usually rule this event. It is a timed course with classes based on DOT tire size with one open tire (Tractor tires, scoops, etc.) class.

    It is fun to watch, but even more fun to run. Registration is from 10am to 12 noon SHARP! Racing starts at 1pm. It costs $25.00 per run. No alcohol or drugs in the pits.

    Trophies and cash payouts for 1rst through 3rd place in each class.

    Consessions and proceeds benefit local charities.

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    Sami Rick


    I get so bored watching flat mud bogs. It would pretty cool to see some obsticals and curves in a mud bog like what you have. I just might have to make this one, Heck maybe i will try and run a little bit. lol

    Do you have any pictures from last years event or is this a first time event.

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    I do have pictures, I'll post them somewhere and put a link in a thread for this post later. This event has been going on for about 12 years. It is a blast. The experience of running it is great. I've raced in it for the last nine years and wouldn't miss it. It's a drivers course, horsepower and excessive skinny petal isn't always good on this course. The average time is in the 26 second range.

    If you want to come up we could trail ride the day before and you can camp in my field.

    The Course is shapped like the Jiffy Lube logo. It has a short straight section after the starting line, then a right hand loop turn (you can see the loop just behind the truck in the photo) that crosses the short straight near the starting line, then up over a little hill and into a "deep pit" thats about 150 ft. long. And it's all muddy. They start with the small tire guys and dig the "deep pit" a little deeper between each class.

    If you've got mud terrains and desent power you won't get stuck. If you run all-terrains you'd better have enough go pedal to keep em cleaned out. It is fun.

    I've run faster than guys with nitrous powered big blocks, driving my old stock Chevy Truck with 33" swampers a limited slip and no lift. Driver skill and wise use of the throttle makes all the differnce.

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