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Thread: I bought a welder and started my first project

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    Sami Rick


    I had this little 2hp briggs & stratton laying around. And after a couple beers and some joking around we got an idea. I mounted the 2hp on a bar stool and some square tubing. a quick trip to TSC and i had four wheels at 5 bucks a piece. Stole a clutch and sprocket off an old mini bike and we were Wheeling in a couple of days. lol

    I wanted to keep it really narrow so it woud be a challenge to stay on. I swear i have never laughed so hard just watching people trying to ride the damn thing.

    I couldnt believe a 2 hp would need a wheeling bar.

    I also couldnt beleive it would do 22.1mph according to the hand held

    Its surprised me actually how stable it was for as narrow as it is.

    They can be easly built for under a $100 bucks if you have a motor laying around. I think the stool was the most expensive piece at $39 at meijers and its just unclips so i can still use it. I have about 5 or 6 friends that have all ready started there with bigger motors.

    I just need to figure out where my beverage holder is supposed to go :P

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    that is the pictures

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