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Thread: Hello from Metamora

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    Quote Originally Posted by kb8ymf View Post
    Hell, I'm ALWAYS loading wood on the fire. Bill Maskill and I go way back as Pyromaniacs
    You should have stopped and said Hi. There isn't hardly a minute somebody isn't talking my ear off, or visa versa! I could have probably used the break!!!!
    So right by Blood Road then? South side? Markings? Address? Vehicle?
    Have to look tomorrow as I come home that way from time to time.
    Haha... I know about Bill being a pyro for sure. Stop by anytime! Always out there in the garage on Friday nights. Yep, I'm the 2nd house East of Blood Rd. on the South side. Green house. Usually a white F350 Crew Cab in the driveway or my white TJ. The Jeeps in the garage right now, but if the trucks there this afternoon, I'm there. Stop in.

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    Hello Evil Queen
    Dirt Poor..... go away!

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    helo and welcome


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