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Thread: Does the auto industry affect you?

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    Default Does the auto industry affect you?

    I own a small business where I handle the paperwork from Ford Lincoln Mercury dealers. I submit to Ford the warranty claims for the dealers. Business for my dealers is dead right now which has a direct influence on my wallet. I have decided to sell my truck and keep my jeep since it is paid off. We are making home budget cuts also. I have a son in college and a daughter that will start college in just over a year. Just wondering if others are also feeling the squeeze.


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    the wife got fired yesterday. she worked in collections for gm's advertising firm. i got all my overtime cut. in about a month, mabey 2 we are totally screwed! my pay just aint gonna cut it. i have an offer to go over the road for real good money. its far from legal! 80 to 90 hrs a week, probably 4000 miles in 5 to 6 days. the best thing about my job is i run totally legal.
    i hate to worry about my log book and weight.

    the last bill being payed will be my mortgage. i could care less about that house, its a shack! i owe way more than its worth.

    the worst part was listening to my wife cry on the phone when she got the axe! that hurt me bad! i just wanted to kill!!!!!!!!!
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    At this point, we're quite fortunate. I work for a company that sells to the steel mills and foundaries world wide. Our sales are off about 30% for October and November. But, we have a couple big jobs pending that may offset that. The company is tightening our belts right now looking at not making stupid purchases.

    Now, all that being said, if the auto industry continues to tank, we will be affected at some point. When the steel mills went under back in 2001, we all took a 10% pay cut. Got it back a year or so later. I hope it doesn't happen again.
    Thanks to those that do all the hard work.

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    I work for a tier 1 supplier, report directly to a Ford boss, and work in a Ford facility 100% of the time. Our contract for next year (group of 17 people) got submitted to purchasing in October, and as of yet has not had approval. December 31st rolls around... no contract, no job.

    Dad used to work for GM. His group got approval for their portion of the electrical harness in the Chevy Volt. The following monday, his entire group was laid-off.

    Mom works for an aftermarket supply house that rebuilds starter drives. She doesn't have any work coming in from the big 3, but I'm sure it'll still hurt them to have part of the industry go under.

    We're an automotive family and have been ever since my grandpa got off the boat back from WWII. I guess that trend has to change eventually. I used to say "God bless America", but I'm thinking of changing that to "God save America".
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    Uncertain about how it can affect us. I work for a firm with offices in Flint and Farmington Hills, I am based in Flint. Where GM goes, Flint goes. Many of our customers are small businesses that are third, fourth or even fifth on the "ripple effect" - They supply goods and services to the companies that provide goods and services to GM Tier 1 suppliers, or maybe goods and services to the employees of the suppliers to the Tier 1 group. Our base of individual income tax customers are even closer to GM, most of them work for Truck and Bus, Grand Blanc Sheet Metal, or the remnants of Delphi. So up here it has a big impact GM folds up their tent. Our Farmington Hills office is just the opposite - we are adding work and new staff faster than we can keep up, in fact just moved one of the old timers out of his office to a desk in the library to make room for a new staff accountant. As the economic pressure forces companies to tighten their belts, they start to look for ways to save money - we are cheaper than hiring a Big 4 firm or a big regional firm. My concern is that things here in Flint will get bad enough that the office here gets closed, forcing me to drive down to Farmington Hills every day. That would make life a lot more difficult.
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    myself, i work with conveyor belting. we slowed down in the automotive dept. but still going strong. in the past year or so, we have retooled and are doing alot for food industry. one customer of ours makes 1,000,000 plus granola bars each day. they go threw tons of belt. i also make alot of belts for GAF, they make shingles. they slowed too, not so many houses being built.

    the wife works for ford, been there for 15 years. started out at the sheldon road plant, got transford to livoina transmission. everyday i come home, it always a new story.

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    I work for a company that does consulting and helps customer become more efficient with technology. We have clients of all sizes including the Big 3, the imports, and government to small home offices.

    We are the busiest we have ever been but there are hiring freezes in place. People are getting burnt out but still doing what they can. I am averaging 1000-1200 mile a week commuting to customer locations.

    We are showing costs recovered in 9-12 months but there a lots of customers that can't buy due to credit or won't because of economic fears.

    I have been in many facilities, anyone who says they have not cut and become more efficient in nearly every area has not been involved.

    It really bugs me the same government bureaucrats with the most waste and screwed up processes are attaching strings to loans.
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    All our eggs are in one basket as my wife and I both work for the SPO Division of General Motors. I have a Military pension but there are times I am not certain how secure that is either.

    The squeeze in having to help our children and their families this year has made us feel like we did when we had three of them in college at the same time.
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    When there was a strike a couple of years ago and it lasted 54 days.... the GDP came down 10%.... and that was only one of the big three....

    to think that the 3 wouldn't severly cripple the WORLD economy effecting everyone.... one would be sorely mistaken....
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    Being in pharmaceuticals, the Big 3 won't effect me at all, but I've already relocated with them out to Connecticut and now they are restructuring the entire organization again so there's no telling what's going to happen in the future. I could end up back in Michigan sooner rather than later and job hunting again.
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