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Thread: What wheeling Trips are you planning this summer?

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    Sami Rick


    I was just wondering where everyone else is planning on going this summer.

    I am going to Zookimelt the weekend after July4th. I also have plans on making the Gitchee Gumme in October of course.

    Anyone interested in making a Great lakes Group run to our infamous "Mounds" ?

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    Signed up for DOA, but they haven't cashed the check. So I don't know if we are going. Thinking about Gitche Gimme? in October. Haven't planned the summer, wasn't sure we would have a jeep.

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    Colorado. First 2 weeks in July.
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    Sami Rick


    I forgot about DOA. I havent made on that trip yet. HMM. I guess i will have to check it out.

    I am jealous Brewmenn. Someday i will make it out there to colorado. I guess i should go while my tow vehicle is still reliable

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    We are heading up to Canada for Memorial Day weekend. We are running an overnight 150 mile pavement to pavement trail. If this works out, it may be added to future GG runs.
    Also doing the dunes a couple times during the "hot" months. And then DOA and GG. We may also go back up to Canada over Labor day. We have a new trail that we have been on twice and not gotten all the way through. It is a dual locker type run. If we get through it, and it is good, I may lead it for GG.
    Anyone interested in Labor Day?
    Thanks to those that do all the hard work.

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    Mounds for a shake-down run
    Badlands before July 4
    Two-trackin' thru da yoopah in late July- Early August. Gotta let ma Superior up to swimming temps .
    probably Bull Gap & St. Helen's area stuff in August, then again for cabin closing/leaves. typical at the cabin runs

    September-October is up in the air. I'm scheduled to have 3 consecutive weeks of M-F work travel during that time. I wanna run GG. We're also kickin' around Paragon or Tellico in the fall.

    The main determining factors are 1. work travel schedule 2. if wife keeps her job (teacher) 3. gas prices 6-8mpg tow rig.

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    I will be at the dunes for a month starting 5/25/04 through 6/20/04
    Be home for a few days then head to Paragon and Rausch Creek for the United convention for 10 days. Then DOA and Gitchee Gumee.

    Taking donations for fuel!
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    Heading up to UP for memorial weekend.....shake down run

    Skipping out west for a week in June to sight see, never been out there before! Glacier Nat'l Park, Yosemite, etc...

    Then try to hook up with the Trail Ride Committee to see when and where we are meeting up in Canada to do some prerunning and scouting etc...

    Gitchee Gummee of course.

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    If I can get everything lined up and my new Dodge gets here in time, I am headed to Gore, VA for June 10-13. This is the Grand Slam East event. I just have to add the 2" budget boost, adjust my control arms, drop the t-case to replace a seal, order new tires/rims, figure out where I can rent/borrow a car trailer, and then figure out where all my spare parts and tools are...

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    With the new baby, the wheeling is going to be sparse this year. I'm going to be at DOA (of course..) and I plan to hit Gitchee Gummee.

    I'd like to hit the dunes for a day, but we'll see if that's possible.

    oh yeah.. I'll check on the DOA checks. Last I heard we are not full, so I'd imagine that you are in. In previous years, the checks would be handled in bundles to try and save time; so it could take a little bit to get the info back.
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