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Thread: 10th Annual Forest Clean Up

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    We had a lot of fun! The kids are already asking when the next clean up is and said they want to participate.

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    It was great to put some faces with names this weekend - got dirty with RJ, Kelly and Lindsay, plus spent a half day working alongside a bunch of really nice Hummer folks (who I sadly never got around to finding out what their names were). Also got to meet Rep. Hanson, who repeated again how impressed he was with the turnout.

    And since the Two Trackers aren't tooting their own horn, congratulations on receiving the President's Gold Level service award! Yes I mean the REAL President.
    Paul - 2005 Wrangler Unlimited

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    Quote Originally Posted by phittie1100 View Post
    And since the Two Trackers aren't tooting their own horn, congratulations on receiving the President's Gold Level service award! Yes I mean the REAL President.
    Yep, that would be our Nation's President!

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    Sorry for not getting things up sooner.
    I spent last night getting the paperwork filed and the numbers crunched.
    I'll post up all the totals and goings-on for the day when I get home tonight.

    THANK YOU to everyone who came out!

    There was a lot more progress made than just 100 yards of trash hauled out of the woods. 3 State Representatives, the Baldwin District Ranger, the local COs, and all 4 Townships were beside themselves with joy. Holton township wants to work with us to keep their trails OPEN and clean. Baldwin now sees the equipment and personnel ARE available if they "wanted" to designate a 4x4 system on their district (and I think they may now), and Representative Hansen wants to sit down and talk about "Our" (4x4s) legislative needs.

    One Forester even thought enough of us that he took the time to sit down and compose a poem especially for the event. I'll get it posted tonight too.
    Pat Brower

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