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Thread: Silver Lake in April

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    Default Silver Lake in April

    Any plans yet for the ride before the quarterly meeting? Do we have a date yet?
    See you on the sand Ed

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    sat. april 19th. park opens 9am. usually we try to meet shortly after it opens.
    small informal drivers meeting at 9:30ish. bring a cup of coffee. we can chat. air down. give out a few pointers. so far it looks like a small crowd. if all goes well we can hit the dunes by 10 am.

    a couple of us are meeting sat morning at the front of the parking lot near the rest rooms. pack a lunch. pack some water or sodas. fill your fuel tank. hook up your cb if ya got one. everything in your rig should be strapped down properly(including your cooler). anything loose in your vehicle could injure you in the event of a rollover or catching air. we can help you get aired down properly. we can give you a few pointers on sand wheeling. there is a steep yet small hill in the back of the park for testing(near the beach). usually we go there first, so the people that havent been on the dunes yet can get a feel for their rigs. we dont want anyone catching 10 ft of air on top of any hill accidentally. mid day we can find a nice place to park and have lunch. in the spring the hills are usually capped from the winter winds and snow. this makes it a little easier to go up them. but much steeper going down. i have seen alot of stock rigs have fun at silver lake. for the members with more stock rigs, this is the place for you to wheel. very few branches to scratch your rig either. in my opinion spring is the best time to visit silver lake. see ya there.
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    There will be about a 1/2 dozen Hummers there for the trail clean up and then onto the dunes for some play in the afternoon.....
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