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Thread: Tickets issued to GL member

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    I will not only donate money for the legal fees, but I have already talked to JoAnn, and will be taking a vacation day to drive up and attned the court hearing. This, of course, will be dependant on previously arranged travel plans pertaining to my vacation.

    But all in all, I will try my damndest to be there, with my Jeep to show support for Marv and the others, and concern for the treatment of people using public lands.

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    I'll support you!
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    we are gonna take up a collection for his lawyer fees on

    i have a MVC book just give me an idea and ill be happy to look it up

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    I agree with you all. This is something we've been waiting to happen for some time. As a board member you have my support 100% also. Let's keep things going here so we all know what is happening and maybe with some notice there can be a parking lot full of 4x4's to show all of our support.

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    West Branch isn't far from me, so I'll be there for the court date if it happens. Im broke, but will donate $25 to legal fees.

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    Let me know when the court date is. We'll be there! We need to make a stand and show our support for our sport.

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