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Thread: Gladwin ORV trail

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    Gladwin Off-Road Vehicle Trail
    to Remain Closed for Repairs

    Michigan Department of Natural Resources officials today announced the
    Gladwin off-road vehicle (ORV) trail north of M-61 will continue to remain
    closed for damage assessment and repair following the severe flooding that
    hit the area last May. The trail will remain open south of M-61, however.

    Last May, the trail north of M-61 was closed due to severe flooding and
    trail degradation. Approximately 14 miles of trail just north of M-61 has
    been evaluated and scheduled for repair. Most repairs will begin in the
    spring as weather conditions allow, and are scheduled for completion by the
    end of September 2005. The repairs include installation of culverts and
    improvements to the trail surface in places where seasonally wet conditions
    exist. This portion of the trail will remain closed until all repairs are

    The portion of trail that lies farthest north of M-61, approximately 18
    miles, is still under evaluation and is not scheduled to reopen at this
    time. A thorough assessment of soil types, trail conditions and possible
    repairs for this area are currently being conducted. A list of options and
    alternatives based on the results of the assessment will be developed for
    review and implementation.

    The entire trail south of M-61 will remain open for use.
    For information regarding the status of this trail, contact Gladwin Unit
    Manager Courtney Borgondy at 989-426-9205, Ext. 7640. For a map of the trail
    or information regarding the ORV program, contact ORV Program Manager Steve
    Kubisiak at 517-373-1665, or visit the DNR's Web site at

    The DNR is committed to the conservation, protection, management, use and
    enjoyment of the state's natural resources for current and future
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    Thats bull they still have the north part closed. I've been up there alot and I don't think they are even working on it. Granted I'm not a quad user, but if I was I would be really mad. That north part made up 2/3's of the Gladwin loop.

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    This is the DNR ORV program at it's finest.

    If they would have let this go to the grant sponsors last year we would have had it done toot sweet.

    We will find out soon what method they will use for getting the work done. Hopefully it will be put out to bid by a grant sponsor.
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