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Thread: OSTC, "Trial Run". Rose city, December 1st, 11am.

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    Default OSTC, "Trial Run". Rose city, December 1st, 11am.

    Date: December 1st, 2007.
    Time: 11:00AM
    Where? 2374 Lentz Rd. Rose City, MI 48654
    Cost: $15.00 Per Vehicle.

    A collective effort on the part of GL4x4 and GLFWDA has yielded a great opportunity for the Lower Michigan 4x4 enthusiasts.

    The owner of Ogemaw Sport And Trail Center (OSTC), Dean, runs a very successful quad and dirtbike facility. He used to allow dune buggies to run the trails back in the day, but he switched to only quads and dirt bikes 4-5 years ago.

    OSTC consists of over 125 acres of rock hills, sand hills, winding trails, tight and twisty trails, as well as some very very very tough hill climbs consisting of mud/sand/rock.

    You cannot ask for a better piece of land to start with for a 4x4 facility.

    Dean was approached with a very large powerpoint presentation showing the need for a full size vehicle recreation development with MULTIPLE CHALLENGE levels. Multiple challenge levels would be the most important part. There are currently NO legal spots in Michigan (aside from the mounds) where you can do a nasty hill climb, drive over rocks, blaze your own trails, etc. Dean's property has a great BASIS for building this type of facility.

    Currently the property consists of many trails, many hill climbs, rocks (scattered) and lots upon lots of winding trails.

    There are a couple hills that a very heavily modifed rigs (SBC/37"+ Tires/F/R Lockers) could not physically get up. Another tried climbing a very winding hill climb, only to get stopped (physically) by a large tree. The point is, it has some challenging stuff.

    It also has some nice and easy sand hills, as well as some compacted rock/soil hills.

    It already appeals to a large audience of 4x4 owners. And more importantly, its located in Michigan.

    Here is our goal: We want to show up in force on December 1st, to show the owner that there IS a need for a 4x4 facility in Michigan, and that it would get used. If the turnout is good, we can then encourage Dean to move in tons of rocks, etc. He has already given us permission to make log climbs, and that is being handled internally via myself and GLFWDA. When we finalize this, we will be making a post for helping hands.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not call the owner and ask him to ride his trails. Because of insurance regulations, you will not be allowed to do so. We are hoping for the opportunity to have this property open to 4x4 users once every 6-8 weeks. Remember, he runs a very very busy quad/motocross facility, and because of safety reasons he does not want to have bikes/4x4's on the course at the same time.

    The property is located 10 miles south of mio and 10 miles east of west branch.

    OSTC's website can be found here:

    If you plan on going, please see this thread on =>

    For the discussion thread, see

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    Good thread Kevin!
    Thanks to those that do all the hard work.

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    We also will be having a Toy For Tots toy drive going on during this opening.
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    Thank you to our supporters and volunteers!

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    im a new GLFWDA member #07232 and am looking forward to this event

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    be good to meet some of the new members we have now.

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    LOL...don't forget to bring the entire GLFWDA Store with you!
    Get your junk out on the rocks.[/CENTER]

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    granson and i will be there

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    Pray for early snow...
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    Yes.PLEASE don't forget it's a Toys for Tots run also..


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    Wish we could make it, but have some commitments that day. Damn!

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