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Thread: Modified Truck are bad for us article

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    ?The people who put kits on these trucks aren?t taking them off road,? Wright said. ?It?s mainly for appearance.?

    I hate blanket statements like this. Neither of my jeeps are about appearance, if you saw the scratches and dents on my TJ you would realize that my lift is not about vanity. What a bunch of crap.
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    There are probably alot of people who are lifted only for the image. So....... once again, it is the people who ARE NOT doing what we do that give us the bad reputation.
    Thanks to those that do all the hard work.

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    WHAT??? You mean that modified trucks are more prone to roll over???!!! I had no idea!! And is that why I can't stop as well???!!!

    Well, thats it, I'm outta this whole modified thing....back to old stock Jeep now...I had no idea!

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    My truck has 15" of lift and is totally for offroad us and not appearance....although to clear 44's you gotta go big! I rarely drive it on the road and trailer it to most events....just in case. I am not out there to show off.... I mean its cool to have a huge truck, but there's responsibility too!

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    It's typically the posers with big tires and cheap lifts who drive 80 on the expressway that cause the problems. Some people don't fully understand or respect the machines they drive. You see the same thing with snowmobilers. Some guys want the biggest fastest sled, but don't respect it's abilities and limitations, and the next thing you know people are dead.

    I've seen guys with lifted super duties, shoed with 38's, towing four place snowmobile trailers going North on I-75 passing people that are going 70, in a snow storm. These guys are dangerous no matter what they are driving. They give no thought of the potential dissasters they are causing.

    It's all about respect. Respect your fellow man, respect your machine(s) and respect the enviromnent!!

    Soap Box Dismissed, Thanks for Listening.

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    thats stink...1/2 ton w/little tires...barely hit the mercedes
    wonder who was at fault.
    still not the issue, sorry drivers just suck

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