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Thread: The addition of club forums?

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    As far as I am concerned, the DAL forum for indy members can be open to anyone. If you can't say something in front of everyone, you shouldn't say it.
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    I guess my opinion already is out there!

    I'm for it! I think it should be wide open to anyone surfing around so they can get a view into a club without really a test drive or a sneak preview of the members personalities etc...

    I've tried to have a BBS on our site, but I pay for the space, I do the time, I pay for the little www. link thing, so another cost for a popup free BBS is not something I want to take on. But if this site is already here and there is room, I think it would be great to have so many people and GL members so close.

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    Jim must have been reading my mind on this thread. A forum for individual members would be a great tool. We need an area for us to discuss upcoming votes, propose changes, etc...

    I appologize for not jumping into the DAL position and running with it yet. I just recently sold my house and will be filing a lawsuit against the realtor/buyer. This has been keeping me busy along with work. Not really an excuse, just my current reality unfortunately.

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