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Thread: Anybody got an FJ Cruiser?

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    Default Anybody got an FJ Cruiser?

    The idea and thought of selling my STi and getting something else in the future (Spring) has been a topic of discussion between me, myself, and my fiance' , and getting something a little bit more grown up, practical, ect. and the FJ has come up in my book anyway.

    Good DD, still play with it in the dirt, and gets better MPG than my Ford could ever dream of and about the same as the STi.

    Just wanted to know if anyone has one or know someone who does and gets it dirty now and then and how they like it.


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    I have a friend of mine at work that just picked one up 3 weeks ago. He loves it so far, but hasn't had a chance to get it off-road yet. He already had a 2" spacer lift put in and one size larger tires. His is blacked out all the way around with no two tone like the majority of them you see and also has black rims. I'll see if I can get him to take a picture or two for me to post up.

    98 TJ 4.0/5spd, D30 w/Aussie, D44 welded, 3.5" RE Superflex, 1.25" body lift, rear corner crushers with sunken LED taillights, flat fendered front, OBA, sitting on 33s.

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    Cool! It sounds nice

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    One of my good friends out in Washington has one and belongs to a 4wd club out there. They ALWAYS go off road and they enjoy the capabilities IMMENSELY.

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    Buy American
    Thanks to those that do all the hard work.

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    They require premium fuel to acheive the horsepower & mileage numbers.
    Also they make the manual version full time 4wheel so the automatic actually gets better fuel economy...
    (Looked into them about 6 months ago for the wife.)

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    Default Go to the FJ Cruiser section under forums. They have pics and info you can use.
    93 FZJ 80 Locked!!

    Chainsaws don't kill trees, I DO!!

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    i work for toyota, but i would never own one! i realize american brands are hardly american anymore, but they employ far more hard working americans in the home grown parts industry. not just uaw people either. im talking your friends and family members, that drive hilos, shuffle paperwork, and drive trucks. im not saying the fc is a bad vehicle, im saying its bad for americas shrinking middle class.
    good luck with what ever you buy, even if its a toy.

    p.s. i got my wife a 2002 gmc envoy($11,900 with 34k miles). averaged 22 mpg at 75 mph with 1200 lbs of cargo on a 400 mile trip to oscoda and back(included a little off road).
    very powerful engine(270 hp). launched a 20 ft chapparal boat no problem(4000lbs? and pulled it out at the end of the weekend). does suprisingly well off road. a rear locker is an option. 3.42,3.73,4.10 axle ratio options. lots of cargo room too. bds now offers a 2inch suspension lift, and a 2 in body lift(fairly cheap too). both lifts combined will fit 33's. ive seen 33's one trucks with just the suspension lift and some trimming.
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    This one belongs to a friend of mine here in Kalamazoo. Nice truck!

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    Well I test drove the FJ last week and it is too cool. I put the STi up for sale tonight and should be listed tomorrow. I don't know how fast it will sell, but it will be a great car for the right person. Hopefully it sells soon and then I can get a deal on an 07' so the dealers can make room for the 08's

    So if anyone knows anyone who wants a nicely modded STi, send them my way

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