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Thread: CB question

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    you guys are getting WAY too deep into this.

    if your radio has an aux input then just get the appropriate connector/cable to go from one to the other, if it doesnt then spend the $30 it costs to get an external speaker so you can bypass the radio all together, its not worth the hassle of trying to make it work.

    there is no need for a diode unless there is an obvious need for it (say turning on your low beams with your high beams but not the other way around)

    the diode in a painless wiring kit is so the alternator is always charging, if it sees a high enough voltage then its not going to charge but if there is a delta in the voltage out vs. in then it will put out power. another way to "trick" it is to put a light bulb in the line. FYI

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    Get a FM Modulator, the kind that goes in line with your radio antenna. You tune to an FM station that is weak. Assuming you have already connected your CB to the modulator you are in business.

    You would not be able to listen to anything else but the CB is the only down side to this method. I wouldn't be tying my CB into my Jeep harness unless it had a true AUX input. I would think you would fry the CB before the Jeep radio (more power).

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    sorry for the delay... diode is radio shack # 276-1661. this should do the trick!! remember stripe side goes closest to head unit, then cb input then speaker... this will protect the radio, but im not sure if the CB will over power the radio with its signal. Let us know if this works!!

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