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Thread: Jeep CJ/YJ power steering box rebuild instructions

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    I have an 86 CJ and need some good detailed instructions on how to rebuild my power steering box. It has been drilled for hydraulic assist so I'd really like to save it. I have searched the web but have not been able to find instructions. I have been doing a ground up restoration and it's leaking so I need to take care of it. Please help!!!

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    dont know if you have been here yet or if this helps in any way, but it is a place to start

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    That didn't help much but did have instructions on doing a mod on a oem pump. There has to be good instructions that a guy can get his hands on... Thanks for the help and if you find anything else please let me know

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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Paul and Wendy Burleigh &#064; Apr 29 2007, 12&#58;26 PM) [snapback]24505[/snapback]</div>
    There has to be good instructions that a guy can get his hands on...
    Actually I&#39;ve never found any, I just winged it. However, I&#39;ll never do it again. First off, the rebuild kit is around &#036;30 IF you can find someone to order it for you. Plus a box out of the junkyard, which would be guranteed not to leak is not more than &#036;30. Next, The teflon rings in the kit are a PITA to install. You have to heat them up to the point of almost cooking them to get them over the spool. Getting the balls back in, and in proper position will have you cussing a blue streak.
    Bottom line, If your box is leaking @ the pitman arm seal, you can get that seal and it can be replaced quite easily.
    You&#39;ll need to remove the pitman arm. Remover the snap ring that holds the seal in place. Put the arm back on, and reattach the steering. Turn the wheel either right or left, I don&#39;t remember which way. It pressurizes the seal and blows it out. Go easy on turning the wheel to the lock position. You&#39;ll also have to deal with all the fluid that starts poring out. Shut the truck off, Remove the pitman arm, replace the seal and resinstall the snap ring, put it all back together. If your leaking up top, that seal can be replaced but you will have to drill a small hole in the seal and use a slide hammer to get it out. It&#39;s much easier than the one down below.
    Hope that helps.


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