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Thread: get well wishes for Dianne Kitson

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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(WhiteRhino &#064; Apr 12 2007, 04&#58;31 PM) [snapback]24135[/snapback]</div>

    I&#39;m handling the laundry and cooking just fine. Colors go with whites just fine. Bleach solves all questins.

    Nothin to this housekeepin stuff.
    So, is this going to explain why we&#39;ll see you dressed in lapis blue shirts now?
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    How about an update, Jim? How&#39;s everybody doing?

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    Chris, thanks for asking.

    We had a bone scan a week ago which the doc&#39;s finally got results on Thursday. Appointment Monday. She is feeling much much better but is still moving quite gingerly. If you didn&#39;t know her, you would think she just operates at a slower pace. Still not driving or back to work.

    If you&#39;ve never seen a bone scan, it&#39;s pretty cool. Here&#39;s my laymen&#39;s version. It is a 2 part process. You get injected with a small amount of radioactive material into your blood stream. I was surprised at how little they put in. Immediately they put you into a radioactive camera (looks similar to a CT machine) focusing on the sore areas that seem like sore muscles. She is still having a problem with one knee and one ankle and one shoulder. Since blood flows heavily to injured areas for repair, the radioactive material concentrates there. So the image on the screen shows up with your entire body glowing LOL but brighter where it is injured. Sure enough, everywhere she was complaining about showed up.

    The second phase is a 3 hour wait. Drink lots of fluids. It flushes your soft tissue & then you can see where the blood was flowing to skeletal injuries. This took about 20 minutes as the table slowly passes by the cameras. You can see the entire skeleton with bright spots at injuries. Looks like a X-ray but the hot spots really show up.

    Apparently the docs can find broken bones, torn ligaments and tendons because they have really fancy filtering computers. Looking over the technicians shoulder, my opinion was:
    4 broken ribs on the right side
    1 broken rib on the left side
    Something wrong with the right knee
    Something wrong with the left ankle
    Nothing wrong with the shoulder she complained about.

    Bat at least she&#39;s starting to cook and do laundry again&#33;
    Thanks to those that do all the hard work.

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    Glad to here she is doing better, and still praying for her full recovery.

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