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Thread: DNR Meeting in Houghton this evening

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    Brian D.


    Went to a DNR meeting here in Houghton this evening.

    Basically it was a public comment gathering kind of event.

    The DNR had an facilitator run the meeting and basically after a presentation on what the different dept's of the DNR do the audience voiced there concerns and what they would like to see the state do in the future.

    We really didn't get a chance to speak to everyone but myself and a couple others in the audience voiced their concerns and wants about fullsize ORVs, trails, access and communication with the DNR.

    I feel that it was a very productive meeting. There was no bickering, name calling, or anything like that. The DNR was just interested in what the public wanted so that when in comes time to make a plan to manage our resources they would have the public imput they need.

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    If anybody in the West End gets a chance to go to one of these meetings I think it would be a good idea.

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    Thanks for representing Brian! And for keeping us posted!

    Sounds similar to the meetings down here. Now we just need to keep track to see if our input was put to good use.

    I do not know why the DNR has recently let us in on the forest planning process but lets take advantage of it while we can.

    Thanks again Brian!

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