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Thread: Another Question for the next DNR metting

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    After reading some of the posts about the DNR meetings, which I may have overlooked when and where they were, but I have another problem that could be brought up with them the next time someone is at a meeting. Or maybe it?s just a problem I have. <_<

    Real quick to set this up? When I am going down the trails (this relates only to experiences in Atlanta) during the spring, summer, and fall, I have no problems. We ran into a nice DNR guy this summer that stopped and talked to us, just telling some of my buddies that they couldn?t go that way with there quads, where as me and my cousin had our trucks. Anyway there was no real problems, just the usual ORV sticker check for the quads and the questions about my hitch mount for my Warn winch.

    Anyway, the real problem is and has always been during the winter. This has happened three times to me. Once when I was ridding my quad, the DNR told us that maybe we shouldn?t be on the ORV Route with our quads. Another two other times with my 78 F-250 and my cousin in this 75? K5 telling us the trails (ORV Route) were ?groomed? ?but really just packed, and we weren?t supposed to be on the ORV Route. They said we were tearing up the trail with our tires which they were not at all&#33;?but the 1000cc sleds with their studded track obviously weren?t tearing up the trail&#33;&#33;&#33;<_<

    I understand that Snowmobiles and the people brought into town is big business, but what can we do to have the DNR officers stop lying to us and tell us that we shouldn?t be on the ORV Route. They try to keep us, or at least my cousin and I off the trail that is made for everyone. If we were running the sled trails I could see complaining, but why do they have to lie about trucks in the snow on the Route. If it was a big group of people, they might not try to pull this stunt, but with our two trucks it is like a lighthouse in the fog for DNR officers.

    That about sums it up. Let me know if someone else has had this problem or what we can do to stop the ?few evil? DNR officers.

    P.S. No we were not driving like @&#036;&#036; holes or anything like that. Just crusin?.

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    We do, as in GL all of the "route" maintenance in Atlanta and I can tell you that a lot of the routes are signed snowmobile trails in the winter. The officer can only suggest that you do not ride on them with your truck or quad and cannot ticket you for it. If he or she does then it is winnable in court or by just visiting their supperior.

    The routes that do have snowmobile traffic in the winter will also have the orange diamond signage on them. Currently the ORV program and the Snowmobile program are working on a signage plan that would better both programs and make it easier for the users.

    Dont always take the CO&#39;s word for something, question authority&#33; By this I mean educate yourself and dont be afraid to go above the officers head and ask their boss. Sometimes we need to educate the officers, Grandman can testify to this&#33;

    Next time you head up to Atlanta during the winter call the feild office up there and let them you are coming up and tell them you will be running the "routes" and see what they say.989 785 4251
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    Thanks for the info. I always knew I was in the right being on the route. You are right, I guess that we will have to educate some of the officers. Thanks again&#33;

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    Good to know&#33;

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