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Thread: Oct. 13 DNR public input meeting

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    The Oct. 13 meeting held at the Holiday Inn Grayling was well attended, just not by full size folks. I was the only representative who spoke on our behalf. We did have a couple of fullsize representatives at the Oct. 12 meeting in Lansing. Those folks should post here of what went on at that one.

    Like I said I was a little outnumbered by the single track singled minded motorcycle folks. I dont mean that in a negative way when I say single minded, what I mean by that is those folks (who outnumbered me 65 to 1) all want to see the single track 40" trail brought back along with the "event trail" for the events that they like to put on.

    These guys want what they used to have at the inception of the ORV program back in the late 70's early eighties. Over the years the single track trails have been made wider by the invention of the fourwheeler so most of the system is at the 50" wide standard set fourth by the language in the ORV trails policy.

    There were some folks in attendence that have purchased yet another type of ORV, these being the even wider Mule and Rhino type vehicles and these folks want a share of the trail system. As it stands now they have to ride the ORV routes which are the ones that are brushed to 72" wide and are for our use as well.

    This is where my focus was as a full size user. I spoke on our behalf as to the fact that the majority of us do not use the current system as it offers us no challenge whatsoever. I also made the point that the majority of our vacation dollars are spent in other states that have and offer us a challenge either in the form of natural obstacles or man made structures.

    I also made them aware that the "if a 2 wheel drive car cant go down the trail then it is illegal" is an unfair policy and should be looked at as to make it a more clear and defined law as to not be up to the opinion or discression of the officer as to what he thinks a 2 wheel drive car can traverse. This is unfair to us and the officers!

    My last comment was on the event policy and that it should not apply to a gathering of folks just out for a leasurely ride in our woods and just so happen to have 20 or more people.

    Let me hear what happened at the Oct 12 meeting or at the Oct 14 meeting in Marquette if anyone attended.

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    Pat, I had planned on attending the Grayling meeting since I'm only 1/2 hour away, but I didn't get home from work in time to make it down there!

    Thanks for attending to represent us, and for posting the update!
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    The Oct. 12 meeting was already discused here:
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    Thanks for going Pat, sorry more of us couldn't get there, maybe next time.
    When should we know anything about what was talked about though? Is the DNR listening to us?
    Wildflower <_<

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    We will be notified of the first draft by Jan. 05 and a final version by May 05.
    We will have a chance to comment on the first draft before the final also.

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    Thank you to our supporters and volunteers!

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