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    I recently ran the trails this past august ( 04 ) in wellsville and loved it. These trails had everying, steep climbs, rocks, mud, dirt, tight trails, wide trails and senic easy trails. The trail are open year round with near by towns for fuel and food. While you pay for to wheel on the land, you are actually buying a camp site. All camping is rustic. We choose to camp at the full service Lock 30 camp gound in Lisben. This campground is abou 20 minutes away from the Forbidden Zone campgound trail head. Below are links to some pics of our trip.

    If you ever need a guide, I'm always looking for an excuse to go back !!!

    Directions to Wellsville, Ohio (from Northeast Ohio)-

    The town of Wellsville is near the southeast corner of Ohio, with PA only a few miles east and WV across the river. It's about 1-1/2 to 2 hours from NE Ohio.

    Take Rt. 11 South until just past Lisbon, and there it turns into 30 South (East).
    Take 30 to East Liverpool and jump onto Rt 7 west, and follow along the Ohio River.
    When you hit the town of Wellsville, look for Rt 39, turn right at exit ramp (NW).
    Turn left onto 3rd on left (look for signs to Oaktree and Forbidden Zone campgrounds).
    At stop sign turn left and look for parking areas and/or campgrounds.
    Cost to park and ride is about 10 bucks.


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    I think this might be the best wheeling place in our area.
    Here is a link to the park. You do not pay for wheeling, but if you show up and wheel you have to pay for camping. It is so cheap though.

    No Rules
    No DNR
    No Reason Not To Go!

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    I think Frank may have understated things a bit. I've wheeled all over the area and I think this place is the best ORV area within a days drive of Detroit. I haven't been to Parogon but this place is better than the Badlands and it is a shorter drive and it's cheaper. I'd rather go here than Tellico.

    Here's the web site:
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    on my list of places to go


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    Yeah, sounds like fun. I've wheeled both Paragon and Tellico in the last couple of months and they ROCK, so if wellsville is like that I would definately be up for that.

    I may never visit the mounds again!

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    Looks like a great place to have fun has been found! I know we'll try and get our club there next summer!

    It's just to bad it's not in Michigan.
    Maybe some day we'll have a place like that here too.


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    Okay Tina I am with you, now we just have to talk the rest into going.

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