Trail Maintenance Coordinator Position

It's with great pleasure I'd like to announce a change at this critical position!

Currently holding this position is Eric Culling, and he has expressed a desire to pursue other endeavors and is stepping down as the Trail Maintenance Coordinator. Eric has done a marvelous job as coordinator, more often than not going beyond the strict requirements of the position. Eric will remain active in the Association and with his local club.

And I'm also very pleased to simultaneously announce Eric's successor: Josh Cohen! Josh is an experienced Jeeper, has a broad range of experience, is an experience trail guide, has a passion for teaching and helping, and tells me he's looking forward to jumping in as our next Trail Maintenance Coordinator!

Josh's bio will be in our next Boondocker - make sure you take a peek!

Thanks to both Eric and Josh for their service to Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive Association!

Mike Olmstead
President, Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive Association