Hello GLFWDA Members!!

Just a quick recap from our monthly Executive Board of Directors (EBOD) meeting held last Thursday evening (10/18)! And we had an excellent turnout for this meeting!

I hope the season is finding all of you well - I know a lot of you are getting in one last trip, and others already have their rigs in the garage fixing & upgrading.

Right off the bat we have the annual Jeep Creep coming up in Gladwin - and we will be there! Stop by and say Hi, or better yet spend a few minutes helping out on inside the GLFWDA tent! And it looks like we're going to have some new merchandise for sale, too!

As you know we have a new Membership Secretary, Kari Dunlap. We have has some issues with our membership management, but we're on top of it all now and have 1) corrected the problems and 2) are taking steps to go beyond 'fixing' and significantly upgrading our membership process. And one more time, our apologies to those of you who have had problems; if you are still have any issues please feel free to email either our membership secretary at membershipsecretary@glfwda.org or myself at president@glfwda.org.

We are also in the process of acquiring membership/communication package and developing that system to manage a number of our activities, such as membership, e-mail, general & targeted communication, and more. Much of this will be transparent to the membership, but what should be evident is a more responsive, proactive, effective organization.

Our trail maintenance activities are up-to-date, thank you Eric Culling! Who, by the way gang, is looking to step down from the Trail Maintenance Coordinator position after a very successful tenure! Here's a great opportunity for someone to jump in and make a difference, and in a job that's not really that hard to do. If you interested shoot me an e-mail at president@glfwda.org!

We also have a new Boondocker Editor, Mike Timm, who is also the president of the Mud, Sweat & Gears 4x4 Club, and we're in the process of editor transition. Stay tuned for deadline announcements for the next issue! Thank you Mike for stepping in, we wish you good fortune and success in this endeavor!

And of course, a HUGE 'Thank You' to Ed Schroeder who has been our faithful editor for the last 9 years!!

There is also discussion and some tentative pre-planning for a September 2019 Gitchigume run again! Trail Ride Committee Chairman Donnie Dunlap will be doing some of the preliminary planning - you can contact him at trc@glfwda.org if you're interested or have any questions.

As noted at the top - this was just a quick recap glancing over some of the highpoints of the meeting. Meeting minutes are in the process of being prepared and will be posted to the GLFWDA website.

Thanks to all the gals & guys who help make this a great Association!

Mike Olmstead
President - GLFWDA