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    Hello GL4WDA! My name is Ryan Harden and we've been wheeling as a little club called Wrangler Riders in Southeast Wisconsin. I just found this site today and joined instantly.

    We are one of the most active clubs in Wisconsin hosting events nearly every weekend in Summer and at least once a month in Winter. We've secured 2 private riding properties, we've opened up 1 public riding park under a trail in Oct. (hopefully the town board allows it to be open to RL4WDs (Road Legal 4WDs) after that, and we're advocating for a public registration program in Wisconsin so we can get more trails.

    With almost 200 members, we do a lot of training, workshops, camps and are coming out with classes for trail guiding, mapping, trail ambassadors and online classes for riders.

    Last month we decided to open it up to more than just our little club and we rebranded to the Road Legal 4WD Association. This was done so our tools and such can be used by other clubs and chapters to expand collaboration, share events, work around each other and work together as much as possible. We even have a universal membership similar to what you guys got to try and reduce the fees riders pay but where everyone shares the dues so the local clubs win too.

    So ya, lots of good stuff going on. We have lots of videos, demos, pictures, etc. on as well as on social media and all around the interwebz.

    Hope to see you all on the trails sometime!

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    Welcome aboard!

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    Hello, and welcome

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