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Thread: Thanks Jim Kitson and all those involved

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    Default Thanks Jim Kitson and all those involved

    I have not been very active in any off roading activities for a while due to work and family commitments. I do try to keep track of what is going on but had not been on this website for a while. I looked in the Free Press this morning and saw this article . After reading it I just wanted to give a thank you for all who keep active and support the sport. I don't know of anyone more deserving than Jim for a thanks and a well done. He is always putting out the word and working to make the off roading in Michigan better all the time. Great job on the new park and for all the folks who put the time in to make it happen.

    2013 Jeep unlimited Rubicon 10th anniversary.

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    Very much a thank you to Jim! He definitely seems to be the driving force!

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    Thanks Hank.
    Did you read my article in the Boondocker this past summer? It may explain a few things.
    Thanks to those that do all the hard work.


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