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Thread: 2017 Fall Quarterly Membeship Meeting

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    Default 2017 Fall Quarterly Membeship Meeting

    Hello Great Lakes Wheelers!!

    Just a quick update from 30,000 feet!

    We held our 2017 Fall Quarterly Membership Meeting today in the Muskegon area hosted by the Outback Wheelers club at the Full Moon Saloon. It was an outstanding meeting with an excellent turnout! And Michelle Borgeson, Membership Secretary, reported that they had a most excellent trail ride following!! ANd to that I want to add that it did nothing but rain all day Saturday on the west side of the Mitten State, so just let your imagination wander for a moment - I know they had a great time!!

    The meeting consisted of standard committee reports: membership strong, financials solid, Trail Maintenance up-to-date. See the minutes for additional detail.

    Of note under old business we noted the Winter Quarterly will be held in conjunction with the Sno-Fari event again on 1/19/18; GLFWDA will be in attendance at the Jeep Creep once again, and we reported on the progress of the proposed Oakland County ORV Park.

    Vice President Kari Dunlap, Recording Secretary Dale Stroebel, and Membership Secretary Michelle Borgeson, were all re-elected to another two-year term in office.

    And finally, President Mike Olmstead (me!!) made an appeal for volunteer help within the Association... The point was made that unfortunately just because membership is strong, we're in the same straits as churches, PTAs, civic organizations, etc, where everyone wants to join to have their voice heard, but no one ever wants to give us what we need most: their bodies (time)!!! 'Nuf said!

    Thank you again to the Outback Wheelers and Mike, Kirk, and the rest of the club for you very gracious hospitality!!

    Mike Olmstead
    President - GLFWDA
    '78 CJ7, AMC 360, T18, Dana 20 w/Tera Low gears, Locked Dana 44's F&R, AJ's Tub, Matkin frame.

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    I'm guilty of this with family and extreme work schedules. I can honestly say I have not been to a quarterly since roughly 2009/2010 sometime.

    Thank you to all of you that have stepped up!


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