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Thread: August 2017 EBOD Update

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    Default August 2017 EBOD Update

    Hey Great Lakes Four Wheelers!!

    Just a very quick update from our Monthly EBOD meeting this past Thursday!

    Hi lights from the various Committees report that our financials are strong, membership holding steady& strong, and the Summer Boondocker is successfully out.

    Mike Wade, Land Use Chairperson reported that he wants to get local clubs involved in the Land Use process - after all , they are the 'boots on the ground' for us! Mike's been looking at the member clubs, where they're located, and planning on contacting them as situations develop.

    Lucas Gottler, Public Relations Chairperson reported that he's developing a program to get a consistent message and image for GLFWDA using the website and Face Book.

    A couple other items that came up:

    > There is a 2019 include a planning meeting at the Roscommon Field office on 9/7 for the various trail systems managed out of that office. More info can be found in the forums.

    > We're almost set with plans for our fall quarterly. Tentatively it will be on the west side of the State again in October and include a color tour. Stay tuned - we'll announce details as soon as everything is confirmed.

    > GLFWDA will be participating at the Jeep Creep again at the end of October. We'd love to have some of the general membership come and help us at the GLFWDA tent!

    And that's it for the hi lights!

    Hope you all wrap up your summer nicely and roll into the fall season with a couple more trips to get in!!

    Mike Olmstead
    President - GLFWDA
    '78 CJ7, AMC 360, T18, Dana 20 w/Tera Low gears, Locked Dana 44's F&R, AJ's Tub, Matkin frame.

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    Thanks for the update!


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