Hey guys & gals! Hero's on the Dunes is still searching for shuttle drivers!

If you've already volunteered or would like to, please join Brad Baron's shuttle drivers group!

Contact Brad at B&L Motorsports. This will make it much easier to be able to keep track of everyone and keep everyone informed!

We've doubled our size this year to over 100 Veterans and their families!!! So we're going to need lots of shuttle drivers! If you have a spacious, nice vehicle (EI: 4 door Jeep, Truck etc. that is capable of traversing the sand dunes.) and are willing to put these vets and their families needs before your own, we'd love to have you as a volunteer!

They are doing things a little different this year and bringing the families from Golden Township park to the dunes. They would prefer to do this in one trip and they need a lot of vehicles to accomplish this.

Cindy Sherwood and I have done this the last couple of years but are unable to this year due to medical reasons.

Please contact Brad at B&L Motorsports to become a part of this awesome event. 231-873-3311

Bill Sherwood