As promised, full meeting update!

Financials - Dave Smith: Insurance & Boondocker paid.
Membership - Michelle Borgeson: Just under 450 members! Current with membership activities.
Trail Maintenance - Eric Culling: Submitted preliminary trail maintenance application for 2018; needs docs from Treasurer and President to submit for 2017 reimbursement.
Trail Ride Committee - Donnie Dunlap: Working on Summer Quarterly Appreciation RUn
LUC - Mike Wade: Working on developing contact & mailing lists; reaching out to clubs; has his GLFWDA LUC e-mail account set up; Pat Brower will be contacting Mike Wade to assist him with the transition.
PR - Lucas Gottler: Working on 'standardized format' GLFWDA docs & promotions.
Store - Mike Timm: Started setting up a catalog for GLFWDA merchandise sales .
Webmaster - Kevin Bentz: Website updates current, LUC accounts set up.
ORVAW - Pat Brower: Reported on ORVAW activities

Old Business:
Spring Quarterly, M. Olmstead: Excellent turnout, thanks to MSG for hosting!
Jeep Blessing: Excellent turnout, GLFWDA was their representing the Association.
Volunteer Initiative (CHARMS): We've discussed our attempt to kick this off a couple times but failed to purchase trial software. Going to try one more time!
Brochures: In process.
SOP Update/ Sanctioning & GLFWDA Obligations: In process.
Standardized Trail Rating & Pre-Run Instructions: In process.
Oakland County ORV Park: . Should be closing on 235 acres soon. Once it's closed things should move faster.

New Business:
Business Cards: Mike Timm volunteered to put together some drafts of an official GLFWDA business card; once approved by the board the proposed process will be EBOD & Committee Chairs can order and be reimbursed from the Association.
Update on Drummond Trail Cleanup Weekend, Mike Olmstead represented GLFWDA at the event, which went very well. Over 40 vehicles and 60 people participated in the trail clean-up activity, which was primarily brushing the trails.