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Thread: May 2017 EBOD - Quick Update!!

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    Default May 2017 EBOD - Quick Update!!

    Hi Great Lakers!!

    Just a QUICK update - more comprehensive update later - I just wanted to let the membership know we met last night and two or three hilights!!

    Our new Land Use Committee chairperson Mike Wade is on the move with that committee. He will be contacting clubs and individuals to help him with meeting the objectives & goals of the committee and GLFWDA. If you'd like to be a bit proactive you can contact Mike at!! Thanks Mike!!

    Membership is humming along at just under 450 - Michelle Borgeson (Membership Secretary) has been very busy with a variet of membership activities lately, one of the most important being renewals!! Thanks Michelle!!

    Jim Kitson reports that the Oakland County ORV Park is progressing well, his exact words were: "Should be closing on 235 acres soon. The rest is all politics. Once it's closed I think things will move faster." Thanks Jim!!

    And that's it for now - told you it would be a QUICK update!!

    Got a lot on my plate the next couple days but I WILL be posting up a more comprehensive update!!

    Have a great Friday/Saturday/Sunday gang!!

    Mike Olmstead
    President - GLFWDA
    '78 CJ7, AMC 360, T18, Dana 20 w/Tera Low gears, Locked Dana 44's F&R, AJ's Tub, Matkin frame.

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