My apologies to Mike Wade when I was doing three things at once and announced he was the new PR Committee Chairperson.

As noted in the body of the announcement Mike is stepping up for the Land Use Committee Chairperson's position.

Here's the announcement again for clarification:

" I am pleased to announce that Mike Wade will serve as our new Land Use Committee (LUC) Committee chairperson!

Mike has been a member of GLFWDA since 2013 and starting wheeling with his son “Wadey” in 2010. He has owned Jeeps since 2003, a CJ7 and now a TJ.

Like all committee chairs, this will have to be approved at a general membership meeting, however, I'll predict an overwhelming approval!

Welcome aboard, Mike! Looking forward to working with you!!"

Again, my apologies to Mike, the Executive Board, and the membership for the error.

Mike Olmstead
President - GLFWDA