GLFWDA is looking for candidates for the Chairperson for the Land Use Committee!!

This is an extremely important function for the Association, and one that comes with lots of personal satisfaction.

I KNOW there's an enthusiastic, resourceful, and dedicated person somewhere in our 500+ members who wants to help us make a difference!

Here is a recap of the duties of the Land Use Chairperson (don't let it scare you away!!! It's really not that bad!!):

1. Ensure GLFWDA has a presence at all full size off-road related land use meetings by establishing a Land Use Committee. Example is the Quarterly Michigan Trail Advisory Council Meetings.
2. The Land Use Chairperson shall act as the principle communicator and liaison for the GLFWDA membership and land management agencies.
3. Collect notes from land use related meetings and summarize for the Executive Board, Membership Meetings, Boondocker reports/articles.
4. Monitor State and National bills that impact the full size off-road use in Michigan. Communicate the impact of said bills to those who they impact.
5. Arrange for presentations on recreational off-road use at various state meetings, state associations, organizations or GLFWDA meetings.
6. Schedule and organize reoccurring Land Use Committee meetings.
7. Attend monthly GLFWDA board meetings and Quarterly GLFWDA Membership Meetings.
8. Develop strategy, goals and objectives for present and future land use issues.
9. Recruit from general membership individuals to serve on the Land Use Committee.
10. Maintain "Land Use" e-mail box.

Shoot me an e-mail at '' to explore how you can help 'Support the Sport'!

Mike Olmstead
President - GLFWDA