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Thread: Membership Appreciation Run/Summer Quarterly Membership Meeting

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    Default Membership Appreciation Run/Summer Quarterly Membership Meeting

    Hi Great Lakers!!!

    If you weren't at the 3rd Annual Membership Appreciation Run yesterday at Rocks 'n Valleys you missed a good one!! We had 40+ GLFWDA members and over 25 4X4s!! As Bill & Ted would say: "Most excellent, dude!"

    And JUST so you can plan for next year (!): For the Membership Appreciation run the Association picks up part of the park entrance fee, passengers are free, and we hold our Summer Quarterly Membership Meeting. And GLFWDA FEEDS you (WE pay for your lunch!!) at the Quarterly Meeting!!

    And here are the hi-lights from the Quarterly Membership Meeting:

    Report Highlights:
    - Financials are strong
    - Membership 400+
    - Trail Maintenance, current
    - Boondocker, very soon!
    - Trail Ride Committee, because of work commitments, an 'official' Gitchee Gumee probably won't happen, but the committee chairperson expects some GLFWDA members to never-the-less make the annual trek on an ad-hoc basis. Stay tuned to the website
    - Land Use, as noted elsewhere, had a change in chairperson.

    After several months of work, the Association's insurance portfolio has been properly updated.

    The general membership voted to authorize the purchase sides for the GFWDA EZ-Up (foldable awning used at events) and two vertical teardrop vertical banners.

    The location of the fall quarterly is still to be determined. The Jeep Creep is one venue option, however, if there is a club that would like to host the fall quarterly membership meeting in conjunction with a run (like a 'fall color run?!?!) the board is open to suggestions!

    Finally, one of the best discussions came at the end of the meeting! The topic of discussion was how to get more involvement from the general membership.

    We are over 400 members strong, financially healthy, and our membership rightfully expects results. The other side of that coin, however, is that it's the same 8-12 people doing all the work. And when that happens one of two things happen (usually both!): Volunteers get burned out and leave, or the work either doesn't get done or gets done poorly.

    There was some great feedback from this discussion. Here are some of the things discussed:
    From the membership at the meeting it was clear that there is a willingness to help out! That was super encouraging to me!
    We noted that there is really two kinds of help we need: The 'one timer' sort of help, i.e., help at a GLWWDA booth, help a special GLFWDA event, etc. The second is more of a long term, like helping on one of the committees, or even stepping up when there's a vacancy.
    Another interesting observation was those present indicated that they really didn't know when help was needed, and/or when they saw that help was needed it was usually too late for them to change plans to accommodate the opportunity. The consensus was they usually learn of manpower needs from the website or Facebook pages, or even word-of-mouth.
    From yesterday's discussion we are exploring ways to make the membership aware of manpower needs we have. For example, we have the ability to do a blanket e-mail to the membership which has been underutilized (to say the least!). It was also suggested to put something on the website for "What can I do/Help wanted" - whether it is its own topic/page/app/whatever!

    The takeaway for me and other EBOD members in attendance was 1) there are definitely members willing to put in time for Association, but 2) the Board has do a better job of awareness & notifications.

    And that's an overview of yesterday's meeting! Thanks to all the members that attended - it was an awesome turnout! If you didn't attend, think about it for 2017!!

    And a special thanks to Jim & Sara Rutkofske for organizing an awesome Summer Quarterly Membership Meeting!!!

    Mike Olmstead
    President, GLFWDA
    '78 CJ7, AMC 360, T18, Dana 20 w/Tera Low gears, Locked Dana 44's F&R, AJ's Tub, Matkin frame.

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    Nice report.......... thank you. And I'm pleased to see the content of some of the bullet items.
    Thanks to those that do all the hard work.

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    It was a good meeting and the run was fun! First time up to R & V and I would go again.

    I know I'll be up at Blueberry Hill campground come September!
    Maria: Can we ride in your Jeep again? Please!?
    Lily: My tooth feels loose, can you use your tools to pull it out again?
    Juliet: Can you carry me upside down to bed?!
    Violet: Cookie?

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    We had a blast, and it was nice meeting some of you, being able to put a face with a name. Can't wait for another "group" run. Thank you, Mike for showing us around the park, and wheeling with us.


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