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Thread: Jeep Wrangler door hinge pin problem

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    Default Jeep Wrangler door hinge pin problem

    Hi guys. I have a neighbor that just bought a 2002 Wrangler and he was trying to take his steel doors off today but the hinge pins were seized up. Not sure if the previous owner ever had them off? He soaked all 4 with PB blaster and let them sit. He managed to use a car jack and a 2x4 with the locking nut on the bottom pin to lift the passenger side up and it came out with a little wiggle persuasion but now the real problem lies with the driver's door. The same thing would not work on that side so he didn't want to force it and damage the hinge...or the door. What he noticed on this side was that the "upper" pin does not move when the door is swung back and forth indicating to me that the knurled part of the pin under the head must be worn out and that the pin must be seized in the collar at the lower section of that upper hinge. Here's where we need your help...

    What is the best way to get this upper pin out so he can take off his door? He doesn't want to remove the hinge from the door since the paint will in no doubt crack. I suggested cutting off the head off the pin above the hinge to lift the door off then try to drive the pin up with a punch but I thought I would consult you guys first. Also...when the pin finally is extracted will a new pin work with the way the top section of that hinge is now or is that top hinge section not savable? I suggested to him to remove the inserts from the lower part of the hinges and replace them with Delrin inserts from TMR Customs since he is noticed a little bit of slop on the lowers.

    Any advice you send send our way would be greatly appreciated!

    Happy Easter all!!!

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    If it's that bad, replace the hinges. They bolt on pretty easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawn View Post
    If it's that bad, replace the hinges. They bolt on pretty easy.
    Would like advice about how to remove it...not replace the entire hinge and repaint.


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