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Thread: New offroad park at risk - Stoney Ridge in Delton, MI

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    Question New offroad park at risk - Stoney Ridge in Delton, MI

    There is a family in Delton that is working on opening Stoney Ridge offroad park on their private property which was a old gravel pit at one point.

    A neighbor with a personal grudge has created a facebook page and petition with the attempt of shutting it down.

    The Sundowners 4x4 Club in Kalamazoo is very interested in having a park close by, especially for the charity events we do. Are there any resources available to help defend the park and ensure it is not shut down before it even opens.

    I am confirming if the owners are GLFWD members and if not suggesting they become ASAP.

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    In short, the first question that comes to mind is whether or not they will need to rezone in order to enable the reclamation of the former gravel pit. (The DNR has grants available to assist in the reclamation efforts.)

    If rezoning is required they need to be talking with their local politicians and township/city board as to the feasibility and obstacles to rezoning. If they can't rezone, they may as well forego their desire as it will never happen (just saying, I know it is harsh, but without government support it won't happen. Even when government support exists it can be difficult and time consuming.)

    Whether it requires rezoning or not, they need to garner business support from those who will benefit from the additional traffic(families) coming to the area.

    If they can get the issue on their public meeting board agenda they need to advertise everywhere asking for a show of support from fellow wheelers.

    Bundy Hill had many, many issues but were successful in overcoming the local anti's in the reclamation of the gravel pit they are now using.
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