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Thread: 1. More Two Tracks are going to be closed by the Forest Service in Michigan.

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    My time was limited yesterday so I was unable to give another example of stirring those affected in the impact it can have. This thread is one of four which was intended to create an awareness of proposed road closures and a call to action. Thanks to the peoples response, the comment period was extended to March 15 (the original deadline was February 15). The area in question has many cabins, hunting areas and the like, with the potential to impact all who have used the area the last fifty years or longer.

    The comment period was extended in fact there was even an article in a newspaper to make people aware so they could help identify specific roads which have importance/significance. We are but one group in this fight and we need to do a better job of alerting all those impacted whatever the means.
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    The SLSD social media blitz has definitely worked extremely well! At least from the standpoint it got the users attention, which in turn made the Government/DNR take notice. Unfortunately this has not been the same response from road closures as our letter writing campaigns have fallen short of their targets, one can assume that the interest in basic trail and or forest road riding doesn't have the same passionate following as the dunes.

    SLSD is changing for the better due to user response, in person, in meetings, with can we translate this to the public lands that do not carry the same weight as SL? To reach the hunters/fisherman/sportsman and women will take a special kind of blitz, we all have been talking about and trying for at least the last decade. But it needs to happen if we are to garner the same response as SL has received.
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