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Thread: ORVAW Meeting May 7th in Lansing

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    Thanks for posting. I do my best to attend these meetings but have missed the last two. I know I won't be going to the next one that will be in the UP.

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    Thanks Rob! Great to see such a turnaround on the SB50 issue...

    I know Rob does his best to get out to these meetings as the land use Chairman, but he is only one person and is stretched a bit thin. If anyone else has the time to attend an occasional meeting like this and simply write up a brief report on what happened guess what - you are qualified to support Rob on the land Use Committee! People think being "on a committee" means they need to be an expert, entails huge time commitments, etc. but it really is as simple as having the time to attend an occasional meeting when you can and report back what you learn... You may be surprised that after a few meetings you start to get a sense for how these things work and you may feel comfortable speaking up and adding your $.02 to the conversation. Right now Rob is a Chairman without a committee. He can't do it alone. Please consider helping out if you can! Without a few folks willing to support Rob, we risk burning him out and losing an amazing asset from our organization...

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    Excellent update.
    As a side note, I specifically asked the other day about divulging more about the se mi park. I was told there are a couple more hurdles but I should have a "greener" light in a couple weeks.
    Thanks to those that do all the hard work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phittie1100 View Post
    Rob I am trying not to read too much into the SB50 issue, but correct me if my interpretation is wrong.

    SnoFari and DOA would not need permits under this new interpretation.

    SnoFari took place 98 days (guessing, but >90 days after passage of SB50) and should receive a refund of their permit fee

    No more language that says "call us and we will tell you if we think you need a permit"

    I am having a tough time with this as it seems like this is a win win for ORV users.

    If you burst my bubble, be gentle!

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    At this point it is favored our way - time will tell how it will end up after all the agreed changes are made.

    I am continuing to put pressure on the DNR that once this is implemented the folks that wouldn't have needed a permit will be refunded for this year (i.e. SnoFari, Snoblind, etc).
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