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Thread: America's Most Wanted 4x4..............Recreational Land Access Grant ?

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    Question America's Most Wanted 4x4..............Recreational Land Access Grant ?

    Jared invited me to join this group on FB, America`s Most Wanted 4x4. Looks like he left Unlimited and is starting a new business ?

    Now I see he/they are getting into some land use activities via Land Access Grant being advertised on the web site. The "Banner" displaying the United symbol but not GLFWDA. I am all for helping the sport out but am curious how is this affecting GLFWDA ?
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    In short, GLFWDA is in a position to request monies. The grant is established to aid organized wheelers, that being said, grant requests may be submitted by organized clubs or associations.

    UFWDA part is to be the stewert of the monies only; UFWDA is not assessing any form of administrative fees, handling charges or the like, 100% of that which is received will be paid out.
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    Thanks Bob, read and understood.


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