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Thread: ORV Advisory meeting

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    You guys are missing my point.
    Currently, for a full size vehicle that is liscensed and street legal, you DO NOT need and ORV sticker to drive on 2-tracks.
    You only need it to go to Silver Lake, Bull Gap, St Helen Motor Sport area and the official ORV routes.
    So, when Pat is talking to people in Lansing about full size users complaining about forest roads being closed, there is no revenue that the state is losing.
    Think about this:
    When a family of 4 uses their quads, the state gets 4 x $16 or $64.
    When that same family of 4 takes the wife's grand cherokee & drives around on trails, there is NOT a requirement for an ORV sticker. No $$$
    So, when they chase the money trail, we don't offer one!
    Thanks to those that do all the hard work.

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    And I'm saying that I'd pay $64 a year if it would allow me to go on the number and type of trails that are avalible to ATV's.

    I'm bringing to the state everything thier asking but am getting little in return compared to the other users.

    I go buy my sticker and it allows me to go to Silver Lake (if I also pay to get into the state park), St. Helens, Bull Gap, and if I also pay my $8 entrance fee the Mounds. (You do NOT need an ORV sticker to drive a SOS licenced vehicle on an ORV route)
    An ATV rider goes and buys the same piece of plastic and it allows him to take him ATV everywhere I take my Jeep, plus he gets to go on hundreds of miles of trails and routes that he couldn't go on otherwise.
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    Don't forget the registration fee many of us pay every year for vehicles we use mainly on the trails. Maybe we should request a special licence plate with additional registration fee's for our trail rigs that allows us to go to the ORV places listed in the post above plus funds trail maintenance and gives us access to any orv route that is wide enough for our traill rigs. They have olympic plates, college plates, etc. that donate money to a given organization. Why not a fullsize ORV plate that shows our support for the trails and supply's funds without littering our windows with decals We need all the space we can get for our GL, United, Tread Lightly, MJ and club stickers.

    Is this a crazy idea, or am I just nuts!!!!!

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    the state gets plenty every time we go on forest roads we have to drive there that takes gas which is taxed if i break down and need repair thats taxed if i stop for food or drink thats taxed also.
    dnr will not give in to anything you will have to fight for it.
    they spend more of our money on comittees than anything else.what do they have to show for it???
    if you want better insite talk to fred trost of the pratical sportsman on that


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