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    Let me explain what got me thinking about this. There is a group of guys around here that do retro snowmobiling. They find the old sleds - pre 75 I think, fix them up to stock specs and go snowmobiling.
    Why couldn't that be done with wheeling? Find an old Jeep (or substitute) with Maxi trac tires, little to no lift, original motor or original motor swap and go wheeling like our fathers and fore fathers did. We all know that Michigan trials would be more challenging to do this way. The initial cost would probably be about the same as replacement parts to get it running. I know most people already have capable trail rigs but most of these guys have newer sleds that out perform the old ones just like a new truck will out perform an old one. It's the concept, it's not something to dump a bunch of money into, it's about the adventure of it.
    You are on a trail you've been on a dozen times with your regular trail rig, you built it to make short work of everything in MI. Now you are on the same trail with a Jeep you just picked up for $50 with an orginal Buick V-6 swap, worn out steering and dry rotted bias ply Grand Prix's. The trail looks a little different now!
    Just a thought, let me know what you think!

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    I like the concept. I wish you could have made it over to my place this weekend for the meet and great. We could do a similiar run with stock modern 4x4's with tire size and lift limits. To make it real interesting we could even prohibit winches. It would make the "easy" trails a little more interesting. Send me an e-mail if you ever want to hang out on the trails.

    Paul Hardy

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    That would be really neat to do. Everyone has tire size minimums, but tire size maximums sound really cool!

    I would skidplate whatever I picked up to make it at least run longer, maybe not go farther, but you know.

    Ooooh, I need to find an old Samurai!!!!

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    The other thing that got me thinking about this was that I just picked up a 79 F-150 and after putting some fresh paint on the stock steelies and mounting some 30x9.50's it looks like a blast from the past. I am working on a roll bar with 47 lights on it and a 9ft. whip antenna to top it off to match the era! What other stupid stuff did wheelers do back then? I remember reading 4Wheel and Off Road in the 80's and can remember some of it. Mostly monster trucks, car bodied truck chassis vehicles, Chevy's with 44's and 10 bolt axles, and the pose was with the back end of the vehicle on a dirt birm. Awesome!


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    I like it. Maybe I can get that old Jeep pickup from my dad...
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