December 3rd, 2012
Michigan Motorized Recreation Council
For Immediate Release and Distribution

We have just learned that SB1020 will reach the full Senate Floor tomorrow! We need you to contact your State Senator BEFORE 10:00am TOMORROW, December 4th.

You can find your Senator by visiting:

This Bill would:
Set a framework to begin opening some stretches of State Highways to ORV use, where necessary to connect trails, services, and attractions.
Establish 2 free ORV days annually
Change the Event Permit requirement from 20 persons to 75 ORVs
Provide liability relief for Grant Sponsors (Maintenance Volunteers)

Once passed out of the Senate, SB1020 will be sent to the House for consideration.

# # #

Michigan Motorized Recreation Council public releases are the result of round-table discussions by the major ORV organizations in Michigan, representing over 20,000 members. Please contact MMRC Coordinator, Dick Ranney (989) 469-2405, for additional information.