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Thread: Completed: Red Bridge Road

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    Default Completed: Red Bridge Road

    Picture and Videos from Red Bridge Road/Snake Trail. Thanks Jay and Travis for coming!!!
    We met at Subway in Onaway had lunch then headed out. Our plan was to Start on Red Bridge(ORV Route) and then take some back roads and 2tracks. Well we only went down 1 of the 3 roads planned. I had planed to take Snake Trail to the where it dead ends turn around and head down another to where it dead ends,(accoring to My GPS)..well Snake Trail never dead ended it just kept going. I wanted to see about turning around and when we got to a spot I asked Travis if he wanted to turn around or keep going. We agreed on pushing foward.

    There was Lots of Mud on Snake Trail. We bumped into a Jeep guy back there. Bone stock and he was from downstate and had never been back there. He tagged along for a while then turned off on a different 2track.(Told him about GLFWDA)

    Here are some Pictures of the day!! Travis got all the glory in the Pictures/Video

    Mine is the Green Trailblazer

    When we met!

    0818121215 by Cable810

    Pictures from Red Bridge ORV Route:

    P8184521 by Cable810

    P8184523 by Cable810

    P8184524 by Cable810

    P8184525 by Cable810

    P8184526 by Cable810

    P8184529 by Cable810

    P8184532 by Cable810

    P8184533 by Cable810

    P8184534 by Cable810

    P8184536 by Cable810

    Heading Down Snake Trail!

    P8184537 by Cable810

    P8184538 by Cable810

    P8184540 by Cable810

    P8184543 by Cable810

    P8184544 by Cable810

    After the Trails:

    P8184546 by Cable810

    P8184548 by Cable810

    P8184549 by Cable810

    P8184550 by Cable810

    P8184551 by Cable810

    0818121634 by Cable810

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    below da bridge


    Sorry I couldn't make it. Looks like you had fun.
    93 FZJ 80 Locked!!

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    We will Wheel together soon!! As soon as I get my issues with my ride fixed....

    Only thing about the route was some Trees were covering the Stop Signs. Other than that the trail was really cleand and looked really good.

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    Default Completed: Red Bridge Road

    We had 12 people out clearing things for 2 days the first weekend of the month, trimmed tons of trees, and planted a few stop signs. Will revisit it again to try to locate those signs that were obstructed


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