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Thread: Dear Chamber of Commerce

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    Default Dear Chamber of Commerce

    This is your chance to help make a differance for yourself, your family and the OHV Trails/Routes system.

    Please add, delete or edit anyway you desire, but Please, Please take the time to send a letter to:

    Saint Helen Chamber Of Commerce
    P.O. Box 642.
    Saint Helen, MI 48656.
    Telephone (989)389-3725

    West Branch Area Chamber of Commerce
    422 W. Houghton Ave.
    West Branch, MI 48661
    Telephone (989) 345-2821 or Toll Free at (800) 755-9091
    Fax (989) 345-9075

    Dear (Insert Name of Chamber of Commerce),

    I am writing today to tell of the wonderful hospitality my family and I recently experienced while attending an OHV Off-Road Event entitled Sno-Fari that was held in the St. Helen, Rose City and West Branch OHV Trail and Route system. We spent about $250 on lodging, $150 on fuel and about $430 on food at Restaurants and the Grocery store. People were friendly everywhere we went and look forward to returning again next year.

    While there was little snow, we still came and enjoyed what your area has to offer. We understand this event has been put on for six years now. We also understand there were some problems in getting the permission necessary to utilize all of the OHV Trail and Route system available in your area. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) eliminated a portion of requested Trails/Routes last year and some additional Trails/Routes this year. Our enjoyment is experienced at a pace of 6-8 miles per hour and we exercise Tread Lightly! Principles everywhere we travel off-road to preserve our natural resources for many, many generations.

    Our fear is that if the last two years are any indication of the loss of Trails/Routes; how many years before my family and I can no longer come to your area and enjoy what the OHV Trail and Route system has to offer. We enjoy the system and we enjoy the hospitality your area affords us. We are asking you to please contact your State Representative and anyone else that can work with you and/or Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive Association to ensure we can return year after year and help your community in what can be troubling times with the economy being what it is.

    Help us to help you help your community.


    (Yours Truly)

    I have attached the letter above as a Word Document and a PDF for your use.
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    I just need to put the stamps on and mail them out, thanks for drafting the letter.

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    Lifted from Jim Mazzola's post over on GL4x4:

    There will be additional addresses to send your letters to. Stay tuned for El Presadante Devore to post the 'sample' letter and a complete list of who to send them to. The letters can all be the same. We just want you to send them to a multiple number of people in order to get the most bang for our buck.

    One thing to remember too, City governments carry equally as much weight if not more when it comes to looking out for their respective communities. As such we should add the City govrnments of Rose City, West Branch, and St. Helen to the list.
    And while we're at it, the recently elected State Representative for that district #103, Bruce Rendon. He succedded Joel Sheltron who was also a strong ORV advocate who got the P.A. 240 Act passed which allowed ORV on the shoulders of the roads.

    State Representative Bruce Rendon
    District #103
    S-1387 House Office Building
    P.O. Box 30014
    Lansing, Michigan 48909

    Michigan State Senator Darwin Booher
    35th District PO Box 30036
    Lansing MI 48909 (517) 373-1725

    Rose City Mayor Dave Reasnor
    City Hall
    P.O. Box 279
    Rose City, Michigan 48654

    West Branch City Council
    121 North Forth Street
    West Branch, Michigan 48661-1217

    St. Helen (Unincorporated Community Governed by Township)
    Richfield Twp Office
    1410 N Saint Helen Rd
    P.O. Box 128
    Saint Helen, MI 48656-7506
    Paul - 2005 Wrangler Unlimited

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    Letters sent!

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    I put stamps on mine today. Used your form letter as inspiration, but but my own twist on it...
    Will go out monday!

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    This really helps when you dont know just what to say or how to begin the letters !! They have already been sent but I forgot to say Thank You for making it easier !!


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