Still waiting for my trailer axles to show up. Might not even look good for Trolls run unless they get here soon. Sorry to see event cancelled. Mybe try a slightly differnt style next year. Not sure how many relish the idea of trail side camping. Sound fun, but in reality is a lot of work. I will probaby do a fairly conventional style run next year more as a exploration style like I used to do years ago. Only difficult issue is new areas to explore all seem to be further north. No good campgrounds north. At least ones that I've checked out. We did get some offers from one campground owner up by the Canadian Carver but I never went in to check it out. There's Pancake Bay but my big 'arse won't fit in there at all. Will put it on the list for the weekend BEFORE the Canadian holiday. Which is usually first week in October. Only issue there is it's beginning of bear season up there. If we go teh last weekend in Sept you run into all teh Looney RUn guys and the other a-typical users that weekend. Plus the OPP is out IN FORCE that weekend because they know the downstaters come up there that weekend.
Lots to talk about but I am going to go next year.