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Thread: HAM: Drummond Island Repeater Project Is Rolling

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    Did this repeater ever get up and running?

    I came across this while doing some research on DI for a trip i'm going on in a month.

    If it's up and running, does the repeater have an autopatch?

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    Default Re: HAM: Drummond Island Repeater Project Is Rolling

    Well, I looked a bit online and from what I see, yes it's active but no autopatch. 147.36 w/ pl 110.9

    Anyone use it yet?


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    Default HAM: Drummond Island Repeater Project Is Rolling

    Yes! We used it up at Drummond Off-Road Adventure 2012.

    Coverage was pretty good, I made contact with repeater out and the stair steps at marble head. There are "shadows" throughout the island where you just can't get good reception, I think shale beach is one of them, but if you drive up the trail a bit to get out of the low area you can hit it again. for what it is worth, I was using a Yaseu 2900r with a Metz 5/8 wave bottom load whip (Michigan proof 2 meter antenna and only 37 inches long!) so with was pushing 75 watts when out on the edged or in low signal area.

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    Thanks for the info.

    Wow I'm surprised you couldn't hit it at 75w.

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    Default Re: HAM: Drummond Island Repeater Project Is Rolling

    Unfortunately FM is primarily line-of-sight. Repeater antenna height, mobile antenna height and terrain all play a factor.

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