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Thread: Oscoda- old state house trail

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renegade II View Post
    Don't rely on signage (or the lack of,) in the lower peninsula state owned land is considered closed unless it is posted as 'open.',1607,7...1401--,00.html
    I have not lived in MI for 22 years, but was around for the start of closed unless posted open. That does not apply to identified roads and street licensed vehicles. The "road" we were on was identifiable on my Gps and topo maps. It did intersect with trail 96 of the old state house system (which spends some time along power lines). There was a ton of clear cut logging and skidder roads in the area. It's funny that we are restricted on public land when our orv fees, gas taxes and sales taxes are used for purposes other than what is intended for those $.

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    Any local areas the group could suggest around Oscoda, Taws or Gladwin?


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